Age: 39


CrossFit Level 1

Athletic background

I did heaps of Track & Field and Gymnastics back in High School, as well as participating in a couple of Cross-Country Skiing competitions in Austria when I was younger. The older I got the more I turned to cycling and hiking (as well as CrossFit of course) – I’m pretty solid in wakeboarding as well.

How did you discover CrossFit?

A friend back in Austria introduced me to CrossFit in 2012. CrossFit ACE Vienna was my first box and I still drop in there when I’m back in the country.

What hooked you/ what do you love about CrossFit?

The community and people, the challenge of the workouts and that it never gets boring.I’ve been member of quite a few gyms over the years and always do drop-ins into CrossFit boxes when travelling. I’ve never had a bad experience, as everyone is always super welcoming friendly – That’s what it’s all about!

Favourite exercise and why?

Double-Unders – They’re a simple movement however they require strength, coordination and agility to master them perfectly.

Something interesting about you?

I’m quite the mountain goat… I love hiking and climbing! In 2012, I summited the tallest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc, together with one of my best friends. What an adventure!

I think of myself a bit like Superman – leading a corporate life during the day and evenings, then I peel of that suit and do CrossFit with my community!

I’m also a total aviation geek. Triple 7 Widebody – OMG!

What do you do for fun?

For fun, I enjoy travelling and exploring, as well as heading to the beach and hanging out with friends. I also like cooking a lot!

Favourite food?

Everything that a dietitian would not recommend!

Favourite holiday?

I can’t decide – I have too many good memories when it comes to holidays. New Zealand would be on top of the list, as well as Asia and heaps of places in Europe.

What are your goals and aspirations?

See more of the world, as well as help CF 2010 members become fitter and healthier.