Age: 38


CrossFit – Lv2 Coach
CrossFit Kids
Certificate IV in Fitness
Certified Natural Trainer

Athletic background

I started my sporting career as a dancer and soccer player as a child. During my teens I moved into rock climbing and athletics. I represented Australia in American Football in my twenties and discovered martial arts as an adult competing in Mixed Martial Arts before becoming a personal trainer and moving into the Fitness Industry.

How did you discover CrossFit?

I was introduced to CrossFit 7 years ago. I came in as a bit of a sceptic, like a lot of people, but found the scaled approach of the coaches safe, challenging and really fun. The more I learnt about the CrossFit method the more I found it reflected my own approach to fitness and health and I began to incorporate the principles with my 1 on 1 clients. This naturally led to me attending the Level 1 coaches course and developing my knowledge further until eventually the opportunity to found CrossFit 2010 popped up and I jumped at the chance.

What hooked you/ what do you love about CrossFit?

I love the community element of CrossFit most of all. Everyone getting stuck in at their own level, improving and growing. It really brings people together. There’s always a lot of high fives at the end of the session!

Favourite exercise and why?

I love heavy cleans and muscle ups. There is something really satisfying about moving a lot of weight around or throwing my body through space. Both of these are advanced CrossFit movements and reflect the idea that there is always something to be improving on in CrossFit.

Something interesting about you?

As previously mentioned I was a professional cocktail bartender for 10 years pre fitness life.

What do you do for fun?

These days I really appreciate some quiet time, so a movie or hitting the beach with friends is right up there. Although born and raised here I have only recently started exploring Sydney and enjoy discovering the secrets and history of my hometown.

Favourite food?

I love dumplings (only on cheat day)!!!

Favourite holiday?

In my previous life as a cocktail bartender I worked in the Greek Islands for a summer. That was a pretty epic experience!

What are your goals and aspirations?

My biggest goal is to build a thriving fitness community at CrossFit 2010. Somewhere everyone feels welcome, works hard and loves to be.

CrossFit Kids is my other big passion, and I am really excited to get our program off the ground really soon.

I also want to crack the 200 club with my dead lift and master handstand walking.