At CrossFit 2010 we want everyone to achieve their highest level of health (whatever that means to you). CrossFit is for absolutely everyone. And we want everyone; be they professional athlete, emergency service personnel, office workers or stay at home parents to feel welcome, comfortable and challenged at our box.

Mastering Crossfit is not easy and it’s not simple. Moving well is hard to do, and the best way to accomplish good movement is with competent coaches, who are welcoming, supportive and committed to creating an environment where everyone can succeed. Our focus is on excellence, education, community, and most of all FUN!


karl Trainer

Karl discovered CrossFit 2 years ago after successfully establishing himself in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer. He comes from an incredibly diverse sporting back ground including classical ballet, American football and mixed martial arts. He taught boxing and headed up the strength and conditioning program at one of Sydney’s leading boxing gyms before moving on to take the helm of Crossfit 2010. He is also the head of our CrossFit Kids program.

Why do you love CrossFit?
I love the community element of CrossFit most of all. Everyone getting stuck in at their own level, improving and growing. It really brings people together. There’s always lots of high fives at the end of a session.

I also like the variety of skills and challenges that CrossFit presents. There’s always something to work on and improve, and we like to recognize it when someone hits a mile stone. Whether it’s stringing double unders skipping together for the first time or hitting your personal best back squat at 200kgs. Everyone’s achievements are celebrated.

What’s your favourite movement in CrossFit?
Squat cleans and muscle ups. There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing some heavy weight around or moving your body through space. They are both advanced movements which I am still mastering and shows there is always something new to be learning or working on in CrossFit.